Saturday, November 1, 2008

halo 3 modding tut

OK,so Lets start off by connecting our hard drives to our computer please,Great! your doing good,ok up xplorer 360 or xplorer 360 extreme 2 if you have a big hard drive,ALL RIGHT so go right down to partion 3 and then content then the third folder I have a little thing that goes through my mind when I get files off my hard drive I say 3 2 1...makes no sense right? correct BUT the third folder is the one you would open E00000...D..... right then when you open that folder its the second folder in there the ok,when you open that last folder there's only one folder in there :-),makes more sense now? hopefully.


1.connect the drive
2.go through the folders
3.find the file(usually knowing the date when the content was created helps)
4.drag and drop it somewhere you can find it your personal map file with FORGE 2.5 on machine gun turret for example under vehicle
7.use the dropdown boxes to go to weapon and then machine gun turret int
7.5.make sure you use the save button to the right after ever one change
8.You made invisible turrets yay!!!
9.Resign in forge 2.5 up modders arrsenal on resign and open superaison skate zero's.... up the map or the gametype or w.e and click resign on rehash x360 con hasher hash
17.drag the file back to the folder where it originally came from.

Here are the pictures that go along with the steps,click on em if you get stuck from my instructions,they will be numbered accordingly.



This is only a simple tutorial,it is meant to basically get you started in basics and if you have any questions please please please don't hesitate to contact me,I have almost all instant messengers like yahoo aol hotmail/msn I have myspace and I have xbox live.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheating to win

I do not condone cheating to win in any shape or form,if you want to cheat please don't but if you must because you have no skills or anything to help you out in life go right ahead,but with this said IF you MOD or anything else in a custom game or forge that is fine with me,Cheating in matchmaking can and most likely result in a ban from halo 3 or gow or call of duty or any other game you cheat in and it is against the terms of service or T.O.S of xbox live.

If you have any questions on anything I post please contact me directly,if I do not answer I will get back to you on the questions.

Slicked9778 is my aim and yahoo is my msn

Http:// is my myspace if you want to contact me there.

Lag switch tut.thanks "PIMP23432"

I would like to thank "PIMP23432" For his tutorial on a lag switch,I was going to attempt to write one myself but he did the job already so thanks to him and enjoy.

ok so you want to make a "Lag Switch" to standby in ranked or custom games.

Things you need to get started:

* Precision knife (stanley, exacto knife) needs to be razor sharp to be effective.
* Ethernet Cable
* Philips Screwdriver
* Light switch or any other switch suitable and large enough to control and play at the same time.
* 5 mins of your time
* 5 mins to test
* Wire Cutters or a lighter
* Some Electrical tape

(as you should know, the switch you are creating is only effective if your host, you will need a bridger)

(do the whole process offline)

Lets get going:
1. Get your ethernet cord and lay it out on a suitable clean surface.

2. use your knife to cut a 10cm slice through the plastic covering (insulation)

3. pull out the wires and locate the orange wire, (should be twisted together with a similar orange and white wire, make sure you get this right.

(in some cases orange may not work for whatever reason, in this case try the solid green wire)

4. cut the solid orange wire in the middle, being careful not to cut the wrong one.

5. undo the wire so that its free from the orange and white stripped one.

6. use the wire cutters to shear away the plastic cover on the orange wire, or use a lighter, flame whatever!

7. when the bare copper wires are showing, get your light switch.

8. now undo the screws and put each end of the wire ends into each one of the connectors.

9. if any bare wires are showing use electrical tape to cover them.

10. :laughing:finished:laughing:
Now Testing your switch:
1. sign onto xbox live with your gold account

2. in this case im going to guess your using halo 3

3. make a custom game, lets say slayer on guardian.

4. start the game and wait until your about 5 secs into the game, longer if you wanna grab the good weapons:laughing:.

(you have to do this so that you get host)

5. invite a few friends

6. when you see someone, press the newly made switch, this will cause them to walk into walls, stand still, and even kill themselfs.

(be careful the maximum amount of time you can hold the switch is 3-4 secs before you lag out and get signed of of xbox live).

7. beat them down or shred them with bullets

8. thats it, thats how you work it, you can rack up the kills.

9. try this a few times and when you get the hang of it, try it in social, and from there the one and only "RANKED" :whatever:50's:whatever: here we come!
Best methods to use your Lag switch in Ranked (matchmaking)
1. find yourself a bridger, (try to get a good one, theres many on these forums)

2. tell him what you want to do and he will sort it out

3. start the game, Team slayer, and doubles work best!

(best not to go in three's it can take longer to match you up, try to go in as you and the bridger, or you the bridger and 2 others, make sure you can trust them otherwise they could file a complaint on you and get you banned from xbox live).

4. it will take a while to find a game, this isn't something to worry about though.

5. when you get matched up and you get host, :cry2hopefully):cry2: wait until the game starts and when the connection bars start showing next to everyones name this is the time to start.

(you can check if your host by doing this)

press down the switch for 2 secs and see if all players get a red bar next to there name, if they do your host, if not and its only you that gets a red bar, your not host.

in this case the best thing i suggest you do is to find yourself a "bridger" that knows what there doing:laughing:

6. now when your about 5 feet away from an enemy press the switch down and he will either walk in a straight line or stand still. own him and move on, but be careful not to hold the switch too long, this will lag you out, like i said earlier, your best to put the switch on the floor and control it with your foot, its easier and allows you to control the game easier, or get a friend to help, :laughing:"if you have any" LOL:laughing:

7.thats about it, run round the map and kill the whole team, it will take practise and determination but you will get there.

i will upload pics soon, meanwhile be happy with what you have got!
Things you should worry about using the lag switch:

* Host banned (this is when you standby too many times when you have host, but the only way to standby is when you have host). there is a way around it though, vary the amount of times you use the switch, and get friends to submit good player reviews about you. When you are host banned, you can no longer get host and therfore cant standby, this only lasts no longer than 2 weeks, to you should be fine, at the moment i dont know of any possible method of avoiding host ban).
* Lagging out (this is when you hold the button too long, 2-3 seconds is the safe limit, the most is 4 so be careful. "DONT GET GREEDY"

This tutorial was written by me, so all credit goes to me pimp23432, if you use this tut anywhere else other than se7ensins, please mention my name.

I have no responsibility of what happens to you when using the switch, so please dont PM me saying i got banned or saying what a cheater i am. i will only ignore you, after all se7ensins is a cheating website, dont like it, then get outta here.

If you need a bridger: im your man add: pimp23432 to your friends, i will be more than happy to help, please note i cannot standby as i am currently host banned. I will help you to do it though.

you do not need any software for the switch to be effective, all you need is what i mentioned.

"happy standbying and pm me for any help"


Monday, September 15, 2008

Well folks

I'm back to modding halo 2 AND halo 3,I have just journeyed down the path of the difficult and aggravating halo 3 modding life style,I will have a tutorial on this sometime in the late future when I figure out more.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

my computer

So,about a week ago my computer got torn a new one so to speak,I had downloaded a program which ripped threw my operating system in a matter of days,I will not be moding until I get a new windows xp pro disc and some other stuff.

Friday, July 4, 2008

yes this is me

my turf mods

No scope on a battle riffle

I learned this trick a few days back and it makes the battle riffle look sick! I also did it with a gaus warthog which also LOOKS SWEET!

I will guide you on how to do this with PICS because I learn with pics and so does a lot of other people. up all in one v.2
(You should know how to do this easily) your map up
(you also should know how to do this step) your [MODE] or MODEL tag
(click on the plus button)

4.Scroll down to the fp battle rifle.
(Fp is first person basically its what you see.)

5.go to the dependency/lone id/reflexives window and select battle riffle scope.

6.go to the dependency/lone ID drop down box and select NULL then save
(do the same for lens and save)

You have now created a scopeless BR! WOOO you can still zoom of course silly.

This is not my video but it is what the br looks like without the scope

Monday, June 30, 2008


The names of the maps are not always the same in game like take terminal its called terminal in the game but its actually called triplicate when you find it on your hard drive.





if you google the name of the map you can easily find out what it is.

I do not

Condone any form of cheating in matchmaking it is wrong and I hope people that try it get suspended....BUT that does not mean you can't have fun with friends right!? right.

I just have a few guidelines that I follow when modifying maps:

1.If you are tired try to do it tomorrow so you don't mess up anything
2.BE CAREFUL,if you mess up one thing it could end up making your xbox freeze or it could just not load.
3.MAKE SURE you know what you are doing.
4.IF you are confused don't hesitate to ask and there is no such thing as a stupid question in my eyes.
5.If you don't know what a tag is chances are you should not be messing with it.
6.DO NOT try to inject your own custom skins onto warthogs this may not work and might leave you frustrated.

and last but not least

7.ENJOY EM and don't forget to resign the maps as this is the most important part of the whole process.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

How to mod halo 2

This is a simple (Well I hope simple tutorial) to mod your copy of halo 2,First thing you are going to need for the x sata version...

1.XSata kit
2.all in one version 2 (Found on google)All In One V.2
3.Xplorer 360 (try the disk that came with the sata if it does not work contact me at the info on the bottom.)
1You are going to attach the xbox 360 hard drive to the xsata transfer kit and plug it directly into the xbox 360 like you would with a normal hard drive as seen here.

2. run the cable (usb cable) from the back of the xsata kit to a usb port on your computer.

3.take any game out of the console and start it up so you are sitting at the dashboard on the 360. up Xplorer 360 aka Explorer 360.

5. click on drive and then hover over open then select memory card or hard drive. on partion 3 then click on xbox 1 then compatability then click on tdata then click on 4d530064.

7. click on $c and all those folders in there are maps and files read by your xbox and your halo 2 game stuff LOL I know stuff is not technical but its what I will use sometimes.

8.DRAG the .map file(s) you want to modify onto your desktop or if you want things to be neat drag them into a folder called clean maps or un modded maps.
"Super bouncing"
1. open up all in one v2 aka aiov2.

I'm going to be using turf in this demonstration. on menu(on aio v2) and entire map editors then click on DOT HALO v.1.

3. go ahead and click on file in dot halo and click on open map,find the map you want to be modified and open it.

4. Go down to the bipd tag and click on the plus sign. up master cheif mp biped.

6.go over to your tag editor

If you notice the normal jump height is about 3.08,I would not change the height too much but its a trial and error situation I would try about 12 maybe 15 if you want to but try out different heights.

7.change the jump height to what ever you want.

Flying warthogs!
1.Scroll down to the VEHICLE tags and click on the plus arrow. on objects/vehicles/warthog/warthog then go to the tag editor.

3. check the flying box and you are done the warthog can now fly.

A projectile is what comes out of the gun also known as a bullet or rocket or what ever.

1. click on proj tags and select the weapon you want to modify.

I'm going to be using a sniper riffle I will be showing you how to shoot tank rounds from a sniper riffle :-). on Enter text here.objects\weapons\riffle\sniper_riffle\projectiles\sniper_bullet.

3.if you look at the window where you select the projectiles there is a meta offset tag go ahead and copy the tag from Enter text here.objects\vehicles\scorpion\turrets\cannon\weapon\tank_shell and paste it in the sniper riffle meta offset.

Now you have successfully switched the projectile of a sniper bullet with a tank round the tank will still shoot the tank rounds but the sniper riffle will also shoot a tank round.

unlimited ammo and automatic weapons

"ok i kno thers already a tutorial for this but how they did it didnt work for me so this is how i did it

ok for unlimited ammo first open up H2X then find the weapon u want to hav click on it then on the righ hand side press on meta editor. once you've done that on the left hand side click on clip then ur gonna change deplete ammo, recharge ammo, max clip ammo. clip size, max holding ammo, and shots reloaded to 10,000 but leave everything else as it is.

for automatic fire stay in H2X now on the left hand side (after opening up the meta editor for that weapon) first go to fireing type and change Trigger ID to 0. then go to Projectile and change Trigger Delay and Muzzle Climb to 0.

Now jus fix encryption, resign, and ftp and there u go unlimited ammo and automatic fire"

Source -

Resigning the map

But charlie why is map resigning important its so much work and I don't want to do IT!!!!!! WAAAAH!!!!!

Simply put you can't play a map without it,you will always get a failed map if you do not resign it. aio v.1 on menu then resigners and coolspot31's map resigner (only one I swear by) up the map that you moded click resign and you are done.

NOW take the file(s) that you have modified and drag them back into the correct folder they were in when you found them on your hard drive! WOOO!!!!

xbox live tag:KING OF MUFFINS