Friday, July 4, 2008

No scope on a battle riffle

I learned this trick a few days back and it makes the battle riffle look sick! I also did it with a gaus warthog which also LOOKS SWEET!

I will guide you on how to do this with PICS because I learn with pics and so does a lot of other people. up all in one v.2
(You should know how to do this easily) your map up
(you also should know how to do this step) your [MODE] or MODEL tag
(click on the plus button)

4.Scroll down to the fp battle rifle.
(Fp is first person basically its what you see.)

5.go to the dependency/lone id/reflexives window and select battle riffle scope.

6.go to the dependency/lone ID drop down box and select NULL then save
(do the same for lens and save)

You have now created a scopeless BR! WOOO you can still zoom of course silly.

This is not my video but it is what the br looks like without the scope

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