Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday night combat

Hey guys, I'm writing this tutorial on modding monday night combat, but before I do so I'd love to talk about this game a little bit, this game is pretty special for an arcade game, it's only about fifteen dollars and does not feature a campaign but does feature multiplayer and a horde esk mode, while the multi player can be aggrivating at times, I find that it's quite fun when you're raining death down on someone, especially with a turret/firebase that you have down and watching it kill some assassin that just killed you.

Now, down to business.

Things you're going to need;
Your account
an hex editor
a brain, duh

First play Monday night combat online and write
down the amount of money u have on a piece of paper.

Next u need to put your profile on your comp (make sure to
backup) look up how to if u don't no how(check one of my other blogs).

Then you are going to need to open modio.

Open your account on modio and click on file

Extract 58410A3D.gpd that is to MNC make a backup (Always have a backup file).

Then open the 58410A3D.gpd in the hex editor.

Convert and look up your amount of money (that you wrote down)

Replace it with the desired amount.

Save your changes and close the hex editor.

Go back to modio and inject the 58410A3D.gpd.

Rehash and resign the file

Inject the file back where you found it.

If you did everything correctly, you'll have a bunch of cash.

mods, past, future and present and halo reach.

Hey guys, I thought I'd type a little bit about mods and halo reach today, The whole modding situation has been a great one, when it started it looked like the xbox 360 was un-hackable or going to be a pain in the ass to mod, but a few years later and it looks like the modding community took huge steps...nay, leaps forward.

The jtags are one of the reasons for such a leap forward, they use an exploit in the old dashboard kernel (was pre- NXE or what ever they're calling the new dash) and some wiring internally to an port called LTP parallel.

there's a lot of great stuff going on now, new stuff being discovered, new opportunities to create mods on the three sixty that were thought to be crazy.

I'm sickened by some of the actions of some people (using jtags in matchmaking to cheat) also by people talking trash about the modding community, saying we're all trash and cheaters, when a lot of us don't even do anything but mod in custom game lobbies and shit just to have fun.

I'm really excited about the future of modding, I'm excited to see what will happen with project natal (I refuse to call it kinect) in the modding community, I'm sure some people have some ideas of what they'd love to see done.

Halo reach hits in 14 days(and some hours) which makes me really excited, really impatient and happy, halo reach will be one of the best halos out there to date, I'm a huge halo fan (I play other games, they've never been a huge part of my gaming like halo) and that game has touched a lot of peoples lives, made a lot of people happy and angry.

I've met some really cool people on halo, a tight knit group of friends, but I guess this wraps up the blog, keep looking here/stay tuned for Halo reach mods, also check out my youtube channel ( ) for halo 2 mods and some halo 3 videos, some cod videos, some NHL 10 videos and some reach videos (coming soon) plus much, much more.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some guy is threatening this blog

he's talking about reporting us because we use an thing called ad sense, claiming we're frauding the ad sense thing, it's one guy, using proxies reporting a bunch of blogs, he said and I quote "Hey, asshole, for posting your shitty fucking blog on my page (youtube) I'm going to fucking get you kicked off of blogger and ad sense" so, apparently people just like to be a-holes for no reasons...I guess that's the risk of creating a blog and trying to get people to read it.

How to use remote desktop connection

Yes, I'm branching out, someone asked me to do a mini tutorial on the basics of remote desktop connecting.

step one, download a program (such as:
step two, start the install process
step three, create a new session on the computer(remote support)
step four, go on the other computer, repeat steps one and two
step five, use the computer you're on to do what you need to do.