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How to mod halo 2

This is a simple (Well I hope simple tutorial) to mod your copy of halo 2,First thing you are going to need for the x sata version...

1.XSata kit
2.all in one version 2 (Found on google)All In One V.2
3.Xplorer 360 (try the disk that came with the sata if it does not work contact me at the info on the bottom.)
1You are going to attach the xbox 360 hard drive to the xsata transfer kit and plug it directly into the xbox 360 like you would with a normal hard drive as seen here.

2. run the cable (usb cable) from the back of the xsata kit to a usb port on your computer.

3.take any game out of the console and start it up so you are sitting at the dashboard on the 360. up Xplorer 360 aka Explorer 360.

5. click on drive and then hover over open then select memory card or hard drive. on partion 3 then click on xbox 1 then compatability then click on tdata then click on 4d530064.

7. click on $c and all those folders in there are maps and files read by your xbox and your halo 2 game stuff LOL I know stuff is not technical but its what I will use sometimes.

8.DRAG the .map file(s) you want to modify onto your desktop or if you want things to be neat drag them into a folder called clean maps or un modded maps.
"Super bouncing"
1. open up all in one v2 aka aiov2.

I'm going to be using turf in this demonstration. on menu(on aio v2) and entire map editors then click on DOT HALO v.1.

3. go ahead and click on file in dot halo and click on open map,find the map you want to be modified and open it.

4. Go down to the bipd tag and click on the plus sign. up master cheif mp biped.

6.go over to your tag editor

If you notice the normal jump height is about 3.08,I would not change the height too much but its a trial and error situation I would try about 12 maybe 15 if you want to but try out different heights.

7.change the jump height to what ever you want.

Flying warthogs!
1.Scroll down to the VEHICLE tags and click on the plus arrow. on objects/vehicles/warthog/warthog then go to the tag editor.

3. check the flying box and you are done the warthog can now fly.

A projectile is what comes out of the gun also known as a bullet or rocket or what ever.

1. click on proj tags and select the weapon you want to modify.

I'm going to be using a sniper riffle I will be showing you how to shoot tank rounds from a sniper riffle :-). on Enter text here.objects\weapons\riffle\sniper_riffle\projectiles\sniper_bullet.

3.if you look at the window where you select the projectiles there is a meta offset tag go ahead and copy the tag from Enter text here.objects\vehicles\scorpion\turrets\cannon\weapon\tank_shell and paste it in the sniper riffle meta offset.

Now you have successfully switched the projectile of a sniper bullet with a tank round the tank will still shoot the tank rounds but the sniper riffle will also shoot a tank round.

unlimited ammo and automatic weapons

"ok i kno thers already a tutorial for this but how they did it didnt work for me so this is how i did it

ok for unlimited ammo first open up H2X then find the weapon u want to hav click on it then on the righ hand side press on meta editor. once you've done that on the left hand side click on clip then ur gonna change deplete ammo, recharge ammo, max clip ammo. clip size, max holding ammo, and shots reloaded to 10,000 but leave everything else as it is.

for automatic fire stay in H2X now on the left hand side (after opening up the meta editor for that weapon) first go to fireing type and change Trigger ID to 0. then go to Projectile and change Trigger Delay and Muzzle Climb to 0.

Now jus fix encryption, resign, and ftp and there u go unlimited ammo and automatic fire"

Source -

Resigning the map

But charlie why is map resigning important its so much work and I don't want to do IT!!!!!! WAAAAH!!!!!

Simply put you can't play a map without it,you will always get a failed map if you do not resign it. aio v.1 on menu then resigners and coolspot31's map resigner (only one I swear by) up the map that you moded click resign and you are done.

NOW take the file(s) that you have modified and drag them back into the correct folder they were in when you found them on your hard drive! WOOO!!!!

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