Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday night combat

Hey guys, I'm writing this tutorial on modding monday night combat, but before I do so I'd love to talk about this game a little bit, this game is pretty special for an arcade game, it's only about fifteen dollars and does not feature a campaign but does feature multiplayer and a horde esk mode, while the multi player can be aggrivating at times, I find that it's quite fun when you're raining death down on someone, especially with a turret/firebase that you have down and watching it kill some assassin that just killed you.

Now, down to business.

Things you're going to need;
Your account
an hex editor
a brain, duh

First play Monday night combat online and write
down the amount of money u have on a piece of paper.

Next u need to put your profile on your comp (make sure to
backup) look up how to if u don't no how(check one of my other blogs).

Then you are going to need to open modio.

Open your account on modio and click on file

Extract 58410A3D.gpd that is to MNC make a backup (Always have a backup file).

Then open the 58410A3D.gpd in the hex editor.

Convert and look up your amount of money (that you wrote down)

Replace it with the desired amount.

Save your changes and close the hex editor.

Go back to modio and inject the 58410A3D.gpd.

Rehash and resign the file

Inject the file back where you found it.

If you did everything correctly, you'll have a bunch of cash.


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